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The Collections Fashion Show

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We are delighted  to congratulate Soror Lenora Brown in her participation in The Collections 74th Annual Fashion Show last Saturday! The collections, is a 100% student lead show that showcases the work of the juniors and seniors from the Stephens College Fashion Program.

Soror Brown’s inspiration to become a designer came from her youth. Even from a young age, she always stood out from her peers.

I didn’t look like my classmates. Not only my skin complexion but, also my body build. I was a fifth grader with a full figured body of a woman and I got bullied for this,” said Brown.

This realization inspired her to start designing clothes for full figured women.

She has worked diligently throughout the school year to turn her concepts into designs, and those designs into garments. The collections development started during Summer 2017 until the final product was finished in March 2018.

Junior and Senior designers create garments for a range of categories including creative denim, weekend wear, contemporary sportswear, and tailored designs. This year Soror Brown put together a collection of 6 looks and showed 3 show stopping designs. Her tailoring coat and “Don’t Touch My Hair” T-shirt also made its way onto the runway Saturday night. Work, work , work work work!

Soror Brown will be graduating May 5, 2018 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Product Development with a minor in Design Arts. She plans to return to St. Louis to work as a patternmaker for Weissman Design for Dance but that’s only her first stop. She wants to become a community designer activist in the city and later open her own community center.

“I want my work to speak volumes to educate and uplift my community,” said Brown. “I want to focus on the embrace, empowerment and elevation of liberal arts in the black community.”

Soror Brown also aspires to be a dean of a liberal arts department at an HBCU to uplift the Liberal Arts department at black institutions. Lastly, she wants to launch her own brand and open a studio to expand her clientele. My final dream is start my brand and open a studio to expand my clientele.

We couldn’t be more proud of Soror Brown and all of her accomplishments. We hate to see her leave but, we are so glad that she has been able to make an impact on all of us.

Did you miss the fashion show? No worries, check out the live stream here: